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Cheap and Easy Ways to Feel at Home in Your Corporate Housing Rental

Posted on December 10th, 2014

corporate housing rentalWhen you move into a furnished corporate housing rental, it can be tricky to make the space feel like home. Short term rentals can only be decorated to your tastes so much, so you may end up feeling a little out-of-place.

But the whole point of corporate housing rentals is to feel more at home than you would at a hotel, so let’s look at a few cheap and easy ways to make your corporate housing rental a little more homey:

Buy Some Candles
One of the easiest ways to feel at home is to get rid of that clean new apartment smell by buying some candles. This will allow your rental to be a little more cozy and intimate than it would be otherwise. You can even bring a candle from home so the place smells familiar. Scent is linked to memory, so it’s one of the best ways to personalize your rental. If there are any restrictions on burning candles, you can always get scented beads or incense instead.

Consider Some Plants
Plants can make the air in your apartment fresher and add a nice decorative touch to any room. The ritual of getting back from work and taking care of them at the end of the day can be a nice way to get you into the homey mood. You can get something low maintenance, like a cactus, or a small herb garden you can use for cooking. No matter what plant you go with, you’re likely to feel more at home just having it around.

Bring Something From Home
Corporate housing comes equipped with all the amenities you’ll need to get by, like kitchenware and sheets, but everyone has a few important possessions that make them feel at home. Maybe it’s an old book or a specific photo or a hand-made throw blanket. Find three to five belongings that make you feel the most connected to your home and take them with you. These items can become a sort of home away from home and will transport you back to somewhere you feel more comfortable. It’s a simple thing that can go a long way. Pets are also welcome in many corporate rentals, so if bringing a dog or cat along would bring you some comfort, don’t be afraid to ask.

Remember, it’s not impossible to make corporate housing apartments feel like home. Try these options and let us know what worked for you!

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